China's Aluminum Exports Continued To Rise In July

- Aug 09, 2018-

1. In July, the national output of electrolytic aluminum was 3.127 million tons, an increase of 0.2% year-on-year. The growth rate of single-month production in the past seven months turned positive for the first time. In the first seven months of this year, the total output of electrolytic aluminum in China was 20.936 million tons, down 2.2% year-on-year. In July, the national alumina production was 5.91 million tons, an increase of 2.36%. The average daily output was 191,000 tons, a decrease of 4.14% from the previous month. According to China Customs data, China's alumina exports in June were 118,000 tons, an increase of 24% from May's exports of 899,99 tons. The highest level since 2002.

2. China's aluminum exports rose to the second highest in July. The General Administration of Customs announced on Wednesday that China's unwrought aluminum and aluminum exports in July were 519,000 tons, up 1.8% from June's 510,000 tons, compared with the same period last year. 440,000 tons increased by 18%. From January to July, the export volume of unwrought aluminum and aluminum was 3.231 million tons, an increase of 13.6% compared with 2.845 million tons in the same period last year.

3. According to media reports, Harbor Intelligence said at the summit in Chicago that if the sanctions against RUSAL, the world's second-largest producer, are not lifted in October, the aluminum produced in China will flow to markets in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. Assuming that sanctions continue to exist, there will be a gap of 2 million tons in the aluminum market outside China next year.