Chinalco Southwest Aluminum Won The Global Compact Sustainable Enterprise Pioneer Enterprise Award

- Dec 27, 2018-

Recently, the “2018 Sustainable Development Goals China Enterprise Summit” organized by the China Enterprise Confederation, the China Entrepreneur Association, the United Nations Global Compact, and the Xinhua News Agency China Global Public Relations Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. The case of sustainable development of Southwest Aluminum “all-aluminum home, low-carbon life with “aluminum”” won the UN Global Compact Sustainable Enterprise Pioneer Enterprise Award.

2018 Achieving Sustainable Development Goals The China Enterprise Summit aims to further spread the achievements and experiences of Chinese companies in fostering new kinetic energy for sustainable development. This summit is based on 708 sustainable development cases across the country, through scientific analysis and evaluation, to achieve sustainable development. The format of the results set of Development Goal 2018 China Business Best Practices is presented and submitted to the UN Global Compact and the UN System in China.

Southwest Aluminum actively focuses on the new requirements of low carbon environmental protection and green development in the country. According to the research and development idea of “aluminum substitute wood”, it combines the easy processing, recyclable and reusable characteristics of aluminum alloy materials, as well as fireproof and moisture proof, durable and non-existent. The huge advantages of formaldehyde, such as aluminum alloy profiles and plates as the main material, are made into various types of urban and domestic household products. With the characteristics of high technology, low resource consumption, small environmental pollution, and customizable production, it is gradually leading the home industry. The "green" transformation.