Chongqing Aluminum To Help Chang'e Four To Explore The Moon

- Jan 06, 2019-

The " Chang'e four " detector successfully landed on the back of the moon, and the Yutu No. 2 patrol continued to walk on the back of the moon, and the partial payload of the Chang'e four was turned on. The Chongqing Daily reporter learned that behind the success of this series of monthly back detection activities, there was the contribution of “Chongqing Made”. The components independently developed by Chinalco Southwest Aluminum and Chongqing Acoustic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. were successfully equipped with “Chang'e four”.

Chang'e four used Chongqing aluminum

According to reports, the Chinalco Southwest Aluminum provides a variety of high-precision aluminum materials such as bars, skin panels, free forgings, oversized plates, forged rings, and aluminum-lithium alloys for the " Chang'e four " detector. It is used to manufacture key parts such as landing systems, telescope systems, transfer mechanisms and solar panels. These high-precision, high-surface, high-performance aluminum alloy materials are the "top-level configuration" provided by Chinalco Southwest Aluminum for the " Chang'e four ". Its specific strength, specific stiffness, low temperature resistance and other performances have reached the international advanced level. To meet the demanding requirements of aerospace engineering construction.

Li Yong, general manager of Chinalco Southwest Aluminum, said that the 0.3 mm ultra-thin quenching plate and aluminum-lithium alloy plate developed by Chinalco Southwest Aluminum, which was applied in the “Chang'e four”, are difficult to process and technically difficult, breaking through China's aluminum. Technical bottleneck in the development of alloy materials.