Domestic Aluminum Industry News:

- Nov 29, 2018-

(1)According to SMM, the supply of local aluminum rods in Baotou has been reduced, especially the larger-sized aluminum rods such as 178mm are tightly supplied locally. Mainly due to the new capacity of the local Inner Mongolia Guyang Electrolytic Aluminum Plant, the use of electrolytic cells requires a large number of aluminum busbars, thus occupying a part of the local aluminum plant aluminum water, and some aluminum bar factories have reduced the output of the big bars.

(2) On November 26th, Shandong Binzhou City Economic and Information Committee announced the list of industrial enterprises in the autumn and winter peaks of 2018-2019. In the nonferrous industry, there were 471 electrolytic cells in electrolytic aluminum enterprises. The peak period was divided into December 1st. Next year, January 31 and November 15 to March 15 next year; Shandong Weiqiao alumina production capacity of 2 million tons, Shandong Qixing, Lubei marine bio-alumina stopped production of a line, four carbon capacity capacity involving 96 Ten thousand tons, limited production of 10%, the peak period is the heating season. Shandong Binzhou announced the production list of peaks in autumn and winter. Compared with last year's limited production of 30%, this year's production limit has decreased, and the reduction of demand for alumina caused by the discontinuation of electrolytic aluminum ends is greater than the limit output. The decline eased the pressure on aluminum production. Therefore, we believe that the limited production will have little effect on the price of aluminum.