European Aluminum Cans Demand Will Remain Strong

- Oct 10, 2018-

Novelis, the world's largest rolled aluminum producer, demand for European aluminum cans will remain strong. Emilio Braghi, president of Novelis Europe, the world's largest rolled aluminum producer, said on Tuesday that demand for European aluminum cans is expected to remain strong. The company has aluminum production and recycling operations in Germany, Italy, the UK and Switzerland. “In Europe, the volume of rolled aluminum products is generally stable, and demand from the cans industry remains strong,” he added. “It can be said that aluminum demand in the automotive industry will continue to grow.” The company operated a German operation in 2014. The aluminum recycling plant uses scrap aluminum as raw material and produces 400,000 tons of aluminum per year. In July, the company agreed to buy aluminum processor Aleris for $2.6 billion, with production sites in the US, Asia and Europe. He said the company's investment in Aleris will give it strong demand for high value-added aerospace and automotive components, which will lead to long-term global procurement agreements. He said that in Europe and the global market, the demand for flat rolled aluminum products in the automotive industry will remain strong in the short term and increase in the long term. He said that more than 75% of auto parts in the future are expected to be made of flat rolled aluminum to reduce the weight of electric vehicles and increase the charging time interval.