Fluctuations In The Alumina Market Have Led To Higher Costs For Aluminum Producers And Lower Profits

- Oct 12, 2018-

1. Concord CEO: Cost increases Aluminium corporate profits are being squeezed. The violent fluctuations in the alumina market have led to a decline in the cost of aluminum producers. According to Mark Hansen, CEO of Concord, rising costs will lead to higher prices for metal materials used in production, from airplanes to beer cans. For smelters, profits are compressed and terrible, requiring a fundamental rebalancing. Hansen said that the turmoil in the alumina market has sounded the alarm for the aluminum industry. Commodity prices fluctuated sharply after hitting record highs in April. Aluminum producers are under tremendous pressure. The Rio Tinto Group from Rio de Janeiro, the alumina contract caused heavy losses. It is estimated that the contract cost of alumina in the first half of the AllotTutoGroup is estimated to be $200 million. Chinalco has postponed the original IPO plan. It is reported that two-fifths of alumina and aluminum smelters are currently unprofitable.

2. By 2024, the global aluminum wire market is expected to exceed US$65 billion. According to a new research report released by Global Market Insights, Inc., the global aluminum wire market is more than 50 billion US dollars in 2017. It is estimated that by 2024, this data will exceed 65 billion US dollars, and aluminum conductor consumption is expected to exceed 10 million tons. US aluminum wire market demand may grow by more than 3.5% during the forecast period. Increasing construction spending on single-family residential and commercial construction projects may increase product demand. These products are installed in residential applications for low-voltage service feeders from utilities to buildings, stimulating regional demand. By 2024, the size of China's aluminum wire market is estimated to exceed $15.5 billion. Automotive production in the region is increasingly conducive to the lightness of this material, and is often sized to reduce component weight and maintain high reliability, thereby stimulating industry growth. In 2017, the German aluminum wire market demand value exceeded 935 million US dollars. With the growing demand in industries such as German cars, these wires have excellent properties such as light weight and high strength, which tend to reduce the weight of the vehicle and increase the demand for the product. Norsk Hydro, Novametal Group, Axon Cable, REA Wires and Vimlesh Industries are major industrial companies in the aluminum wire market. Strong R&D spending and new product launches may enhance the product mix and stimulate industry growth.