Global Alumina Prices Continue To Rise

- Aug 22, 2018-

1. The latest transaction price of alumina in India's National Aluminum Industry (NALCO) is US$580.5/ton, which is US$55.5/ton higher than the US$545/ton at the beginning of this month.


2. Alcoa's negotiations with Australian workers continued, triggering market concerns about the impact of Alcoa's alumina plant in Australia. Lun aluminum was the first to rise, and Shanghai Aluminum was greatly boosted by the Lun aluminum during the night session. A large overseas trader said that the overseas gap in alumina still exists, and the domestic and foreign prices are upside down. China's alumina exports still have room for storage. Superimposed short-term domestic environmental protection continued to advance, resulting in a strong price of raw material bauxite and alumina, and the lower cost end support is more obvious.


Industry News:

1. According to China Customs data, China imported a total of 7.282 million tons of bauxite in July, a decrease of 2.2% from the previous month.

2. On Friday (August 17th), Chinalco raised the minimum price of non-metallurgical grade alumina to 3,400 RMB / ton, up by 100 RMB / ton on August 14th.

3. On March 20th, SMM calculated a total of 1.741 million tons of domestic electrolytic aluminum social inventories (including SHFE warehouse receipts), a decrease of 20,000 tons from last Thursday.

4. According to IAI, global primary aluminum production increased to 5.472 million tons in July, and the output in June was 5.334 million tons.