Global Alumina Supply And Demand Continue To Be Tight

- Aug 31, 2018-

1. In the short term, the tight supply pattern of overseas alumina is difficult to ease and will continue to drive China's alumina export demand. At the same time, environmental inspections in Shanxi, Henan and other places are strict, alumina production is limited, and the heating season is approaching. Domestic alumina supply will continue to maintain a tight pattern, and alumina prices will still have room to rise in the future. In addition, other auxiliary materials for electrolytic aluminum have also risen in the late stage, which will also raise the cost of aluminum prices.


2. After eating a series of “closed doors” in the US market, Chinalco giant Zhongwang Holdings Co., Ltd. is seeking to expand its links with the European market. Initially, a significant portion of the company's sales came from US buyers, accounting for 41% of the company's total sales in 2009. But two years later, the US government imposed a countervailing duty on the company, which fell to only 4%. However, since the United States imposed a 10% tariff on all aluminum products in China in March this year, the road to the United States has been completely blocked." Zhongwang announced the profit data for the first half of this year on Friday, with a net profit of 184.65 million. The US dollar increased by 0.5% from the first half of the previous year. The company's sales increased by 14.2% to a total of 325,096 tons. However, US buyers only received 1.5% of sales, while German and Dutch buyers accounted for the total. 3.7%. Chinese buyers account for 88% of the company's revenue.