Global Primary Aluminum Output Rose To 5.441 Million Tons In May

- Jun 21, 2018-

1. According to data released by the International Aluminum Association (IAI) on Wednesday, global primary aluminum output rose to 5.441 million tons in May, and April output was revised to 5.303 million tons. China's primary aluminum production in May was estimated to increase from 3.007 million tons in the previous month to 3.09 million tons. In May (excluding China), the output of primary aluminum was 2.201 million tons, and the average daily output of primary aluminum was 71,000 tons.

2. The United States "CNN News" (CNN) reported that India submitted documents to the WTO, indicating that it will impose tariffs on 30 kinds of goods in the United States with a tax amount of 241 million U.S. dollars to retaliate against the United States for importing Indian steel and aluminum materials. tariff.