Hydro's Recovery Process Is Accelerating

- Jan 22, 2019-

Industrial dynamics, domestic electrolytic aluminum production capacity was stable last week. In the news, on January 16, the Environmental Protection Agency of Para State, Brazil issued a technical note to prove that the Allunor alumina plant in Hydro Brazil has a safe resumption condition. According to Hydro's executive director, “SEMAS's decision is an important recognition of Alunorte's operational safety. Hydro said that it will continue to dialogue with the authorities and inform the court of the resolution of SEMAS, and strive for a full-scale resumption of production.” Hydro will resume production in the first quarter. The Democratic leader of the US House of Representatives plans to ask the Ministry of Finance to postpone the date of sanctions against Russian companies such as Rusal (00486-HK) until February 28.