India Expand Aluminum Manufacturing Plant

- Nov 07, 2018-

Orissa approved the expansion plan of Vedanta, India's National Aluminum and India Aluminum Industry Corporation. The Orissa government approved an investment proposal worth Rs. 258.45 million on Saturday to approve the construction of six large manufacturing plants by India's National Aluminum, Indian Aluminum Industries, Vedanta and Chiripal Poly Films. Of the investment plans with a total investment of Rs. 258.45 crore, only Vedanta has proposed an investment of Rs. 142.23 billion. Mainly used for the construction of aluminum business projects: First, the investment of 64.83 billion rupees to expand the capacity of the Lanjigarh refinery. The second is to invest 12.4 billion rupees to expand the Bhurkhamunda aluminum smelter. In addition, Vedanta also proposed to invest 65 billion rupees to build caustic soda and chemical by-product plants. India's National Aluminum investment project is the production of aluminum alloy wheels, aluminum foil, aluminum rolled products and extrusions. Alcoa's investment project is to build an aluminum flat rolling mill in the Sambalpur area at a cost of Rs 50 crore.