Japan United Aluminum Has Suspended Purchasing RUSAL Products

- May 10, 2018-

1. United Aluminum Company of Japan top executive said on Wednesday that the company has suspended raw aluminum from Russia and aluminum because of its economic sanctions on Al - Al, but the company has now found other sources of alternative products. United Aluminum Company of Japan is United Aluminum Company of Japan. The company said its subsidiary in the US benefited from higher aluminum prices after the United States imposed import duties on aluminum.


2. In April, the volume of ordinary alloy strip to the United States fell by more than 80%, of which a large aluminum sheet and foil production enterprise exported to the United States in April was sharply reduced by 10 thousand tons. SMM is expected to reduce the export of aluminum strip with the "double counter" effect of 40 thousand tons in the whole country, and the impact will be continued until May to later, through and downstream processing enterprises In terms of communication, SMM expects that the export volume of non Forging Aluminum and aluminum will drop by 30 thousand tons in May.