Latest Global Aluminum Industry News

- Nov 29, 2018-

Additional tariffs imposed by the United States on UAE aluminum and steel are expected to be cancelled in 2019. The United Arab Emirates "Gulf News" reported on November 21, 2018, the UAE Ministry of Economic Affairs Minister Mansuri said at the Global Trade Development Week that after consultations, the US additional tariffs on the UAE aluminum and steel are expected to be abolished in 2019. Currently, the UAE is the third largest source of US imports of aluminum, second only to China and Russia. In 2017, the UAE exported 290,221 tons of steel to the United States.

90% of aluminum produced in Kazakhstan is exported. The Kazakhstan electrolytic aluminum plant in Pavlodar is the country's largest aluminum producer. The factory was officially put into operation in 2007, and the second phase of the project was started in 2010. The current annual production capacity of the plant is 258,000 tons. From January to September 2018, the company produced and exported 181,000 tons of aluminum, an increase of 22,000 tons compared with the same period of last year (compared from January to September 2017, 163,000 tons). 90% of corporate products are exported, 70% of which are exported to Central and Eastern European countries and 20% to Russia.

[Russian Siberian Taishet smelter project production time postponed to 2020] Russia's Ministry of Economic Affairs said in a statement that the Russian aluminum Taishet smelter's aluminum project production time was postponed until 2020. RUSAL previously announced that the Siberian smelter will have an annual capacity of 430,000 tons by 2020. In April of this year, RUSAL was sanctioned by the United States, which affected the construction of RUSAL to a certain extent. Although the Taishet smelter project is still under construction, the production time was postponed to 2020.