Latest News Of The Aluminum Industry

- Jun 06, 2018-

1, According to the news in June 5th, the International Telegraph news agency reported that the world's second largest aluminum producer, Russia aluminum industry, increased its export value by 197 thousand tons in May, nearly three times more than in April.

2, According to the news of June 4th, the Canadian Cabinet has discussed how to protect the domestic steel and aluminum industry from the US tariffs on Monday, and the Canadian foreign minister called or launched a subsidy program.

3, According to people familiar with the matter, the Russian aluminum industry has moved most of its aluminum stocks from Siberia's factories to warehouses near the port. The company has previously announced that due to the delay in banking and logistics, the company's Aluminium sales still face great difficulties. In order to release the space near the factory, Rusal moved the aluminum stocks to storage facilities near the port by rail transport last month. The company said the move would slow down the pressure on aluminum sales. In May 2018, the output of aluminum transported through Russian Railways was 197 thousand tons, an increase of 160% over April.

4, Peru local time on the morning of June 1st, the two phase of the expansion project of Te Romek copper mine was held in the Golden Hall of Peru presidential palace.