New Energy Vehicles Drive A Surge In Demand For Aluminum

- Dec 10, 2018-

SMM NEWS: 1. The trend of lightweighting "Made in China 2025" will be listed as the core technology and common technology of many key industries. The application of liquid die forging technology is an important means to achieve lightweight and high-strength aluminum base. In the automotive technology development roadmap announced in 2016, liquid die forging is a key technology for solving the structural components of aluminum alloy chassis of vehicles, and has been included in the key development direction. TESLA, GM, Toyota, Dongfeng, China Railway, ZTE, PRIDE, SPRINGER and other top industries are fully recognized and actively applied. Benefiting from "Made in China 2025", road traffic (new energy), rail transit, communications, automation, health sports and other industries will continue to grow at a high speed in the next decade. In the past five years, the national market for aluminum-based lightweight products has exceeded 200 billion yuan. In the year, the demand for lightweight equipment market exceeded 20 billion yuan/year.

2. Market Analysis In 2017, China's automotive aluminum consumption was 3.8 million tons. It is estimated that China's automotive aluminum consumption will be 5.1 million tons in 2020, of which 80% of foundry aluminum will account for 200 billion yuan.


New energy vehicles are increasingly demanding lightweight aluminum alloys. Restricted by the weight of the power battery and the cruising range of the power battery, the body weight reduction is more urgent than the traditional car. The traditional metal materials are not qualified for the new energy vehicles, and the aluminum alloy is a better choice. The output of new energy vehicles is rapidly increasing.