Rusal's Aluminum Exports In September Fell 8.6%

- Oct 08, 2018-

1. Hydro Colon Brazil's Alunorte alumina plant does not need to be shut down. In terms of news, on October 3, 2018, Norway's Norsk Hydro official website announced that due to the red mud yard problem, Hydro will shut down the remaining 50% capacity of the Alunorte alumina plant in Brazil, about 3.2 million tons. Capacity. Hydro Aluminium announced on October 6 that the Brazilian Federal Environmental Agency IBAMA approved Hydro's Alunorte alumina refinery to use its latest filter press technology when processing bauxite residues. It will extend the life of the bauxite red mud yard and allow Alunorte to continue operating under safe conditions. Upon authorization, Alunorte will operate at 50% capacity. In addition, the 50% capacity that was discontinued in March this year is also expected to resume production.

Brazil's aluminum exports fell in December: According to the BNAmericas website, statistics from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Trade showed that Brazil's aluminum exports in September were 9,100 tons, down 27.2%. The export price was US$1,947/ton, up 6.14%. Exports were US$107.7 million, a decrease of 22.7%.

3. Rusal's aluminum exports in September fell 8.6% month-on-month: Russia's Tass said that Russia's aluminum exports in September fell 8.6% from August. At the same time, aluminum shipments continued, and Rusal exported 264,400 tons of aluminum last month. Tass said that from January to September, Rusal's total exports of aluminum 2.1 million tons, a decrease of 0.6% over the same period last year. Last year, Rusal sold 4 million tons of aluminum, of which 42% were sold to Europe.