SMM Aluminum Spot Price

- Dec 19, 2018-

Shanghai aluminum spot price transactions are concentrated between 13620-13640 yuan / ton, the contract for the month is posted at 60-post 50 yuan / ton, Wuxi transaction price concentrated 13620-13640 yuan / ton, Hangzhou transaction price concentrated on Between 13650-13670 yuan / ton, the mainstream transaction price is nearly 100 yuan / ton compared with yesterday. Today, some large households still have a large collection of goods in East China. Due to the large price increase, the holders are very active in shipping, but the downstream price is not very recognized, the receiving strength is turned cold, and the traders are more difficult to identify with the price. The receiving is not active, the shipment is mainly, the inter-commercial trading has converged, and the inquiry price is more and less. The overall transaction performance in East China today was flat.