The Difference Between Aluminum And Aluminum bar

- Mar 19, 2018-

The aluminum plate is a big block, and the conventional width is 90 to 130 centimeters. And the aluminum platoon is the cut aluminum plate, generally according to the requirements to make a few centimeters wide.

The aluminum tube is mainly used in the refrigeration system of 10 - -45 - C cold storage. It is the evaporator used in various kinds of food freezing and cold storage. Aluminum pipe evaporator plant, snow chiller, aluminum pipe import and export liquid part of the use of high frequency resistance welding copper aluminum joint, aluminum pipe thickness 2mm no difference, pressure 4.5Mpa. Aluminum vapor discharging cooling capacity, K value is 10W/ (M2 C) [mean], according to the code for design, Q=K F T, the actual ratio of the temperature difference between the temperature of t=10 DEG C. The cooling capacity of the aluminum row is 100W/m2.

Is the aluminum plate with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to 500mm, 200mm width, length less than 16m aluminum material called aluminum plate or aluminum sheet, aluminum is below 0.2mm, 200mm within the width of the row material or bar (of course, with the progress of the large equipment, the width can be 600mm row material also more). Aluminum sheet is a rectangular plate made of aluminum ingot rolled. It is divided into pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, thin aluminum plate and medium thick aluminum plate.