The United States Stopped Adding Tariffs To China

- May 21, 2018-

In an interview with Fox Television on the 20th, U.S. Finance Minister Mukuchin said that the United States and China have reached an agreement on the framework issue and agreed to suspend the trade war. China and the United States have made very significant progress. We have reached an agreement on the framework. We stop levying tariffs and stop the trade war. The menacing trade war finally drew to a close. After the Sino-US intense trade negotiations, according to the statement made after the meeting, the two sides agreed to reduce the US trade deficit with China; the Chinese side increased the purchase of goods and services by the United States; Increase US exports of agricultural products and energy; attach importance to intellectual property protection; encourage two-way investment and so on. In the period of only a few days before the United States 301 investigation sanction fell into place, thanks to the above-mentioned consensus reached, the Sino-U.S. trade war cloud that has plagued the global market for months has finally been avoided.