The United States Will Extend Sanctions Against Russian Aluminum

- Sep 25, 2018-

1. Washington, September 21, the US Treasury said on Friday that it has extended the deadline for investors to divest EN+ and RUSAL bonds, equity and other assets until November 12, the two companies are currently sanctioned Russian companies . The Treasury said the deadline for the divestiture of Gaz Group assets was still valid on October 23. Russian billionaire Ou Baijia owns the EN+ controlling stake and controls the Russian aluminum; Rusal is the world's largest aluminum producer except China. The car manufacturer GAZ is also part of the O'Brien business empire. U.S. Treasury Secretary Nuchin once said that the United States has been negotiating with RUSAL from removing the Russian aluminum from the sanctions list. “EN+ and RUSAL have made contact with the US government on a major change in corporate governance issues, which could lead to major changes in control,” the Treasury said in a statement announcing the new deadline. “In order to have sufficient time for the assessment, we will extend the deadline to November 12.”

2. At present, in the context of the overall macro environmental marginal improvement, the metal as a whole maintains a strong trend and returns to the aluminum market. From the perspective of cost, the gap between supply and demand exists objectively, and bauxite The problem of mine shortage is still difficult to solve in the short term. Therefore, the price of alumina is limited, and it is difficult for Heidelu to resume production during the year. The internal and external price gap caused by the overseas gap will still promote domestic alumina exports. From the supply side, it has been shut down this year. About 940,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity, and about 800,000 tons concentrated in July, August and September, while the new capacity is still slow to release, so the supply pressure is not large; demand side, although the market believes that 9 The overall peak season is not prosperous, but individual industries such as railroad crossings, automotive-related aluminum profiles, photovoltaic profiles, double-zero foils and household foils are more clear in September, and according to SMM, recent orders for new building materials have also improved slightly. Concerned about the response of Rusal's plan to set up a sales team in China, it is expected that today's LME operation range is 2045~2065 US dollars/ton. Due to the sharp discharge of LME at the end of last Friday, it is expected that Shanghai's main contract will open slightly lower today. The shock runs at 14650~14780 yuan/ton, and the spot discount is 50~10 yuan/ton.