The United States Will Impose A 25% Tariff On China's $50 Billion Product

- May 30, 2018-

The U. S. White House official website issued a statement on 29 days, the United States will strengthen the implementation of export controls on Chinese individuals and entities related to major industrial technologies in the United States, and take specific investment restrictions. The relevant measures will be officially announced by June 30, 2018, and will soon be formally implemented. The statement also said that, according to the 301st article of the 1974 trade act, the United States will impose a 25% tariff on products imported from China, including high-tech products, with a total value of $50 billion, including products related to the "China made 2025" program. The final list of imports will be announced in June 15, 2018 and tariffs will be imposed on these imports later.