Total Exports Amount Of Aluminum Products In China In 2018

- Jan 15, 2019-

According to the General Administration of Customs on January 14th, the data released by the General Administration of Customs on Monday showed that China's aluminum exports in 2018 increased by 20.9% compared with the previous year, setting a record high, because the US implementation of the Russian aluminum (Rusal) system stimulated China's aluminum Demand. China’s exports of unwrought aluminum and aluminum products reached 5.8 million tons last year, although the United States imposed a 10% tariff on imported aluminum from March. China is the world's number one aluminum producer. The shortage of sanctions imposed by the United States on Rusal has increased demand for Chinese supplies. The United States imposed separate tariffs on products such as aluminum foil and aluminum alloy sheets produced in China, which did not damage the overall export. Data show that China's aluminum exports in December decreased by 0.6% from the previous month to 527,000 tons, due to the narrower price arbitrage than the international market. In December, aluminum exports increased by 19.8% from 440,000 tons in the same period of last year. In November, exports were revised to 530,000 tons, the second highest level in history. November is the first month in which China's export of semi-aluminum can achieve a higher 16% value-added tax rebate, so exports are encouraged.