Trade Disputes Lead To A Surge In Scrap Aluminum Imports In India

- Oct 24, 2018-

Sino-US trade disputes lead to a surge in scrap aluminum imports in India The Indian aluminum industry is deeply worried. Since the beginning of the year, India's imports of scrap aluminum soared 21.44%, since April 1st, buyers' shipments reached 657,000 tons. According to the Indian Aluminum Association (AAI), the Indian government must quickly set trade barriers for such imported products and restrict imports. In the first half of last year, India's total aluminum imports were 541,000 tons. Since the summer, during the months of this period, India's aluminum scrap imports have continued to rise, rising to 345,000 tons in the quarter to September, an increase of 19%. In its statement, the association stressed that the government must take certain actions quickly. The association said that “there has been growth in both quarters. The government must immediately take measures to limit the import of low-quality waste. This is a major threat to the industry. In India, industries such as automobiles, construction, and consumer goods are on the growth track. There is a great demand for aluminum. In addition to preventing imported waste, AAI continues to seek to increase the import tariff on primary aluminum from 2.5% to 10%."