Transformation And Upgrading Target Of Electrolytic Aluminum Industry

- Nov 07, 2018-

By 2022, the electricity consumption per ton of aluminum will drop to about 12,800 kilowatt hours, the refined processing rate will reach about 50 percent, and the added value of aluminum per ton will increase by more than 30 percent on average. By 2025, we will strive to reach the level of advanced production capacity of 400 kiloampere and above in all electrolytic tanks Aluminum electrolytic aluminum power consumption dropped to about 12500 kwh. The supply level of high-end aluminum products in the fields of aerospace, high-speed railway, automobile, consumer electronics, electric power equipment, rail transportation equipment, ships and ocean engineering equipment has been improved significantly The proportion of high value-added products such as aluminium sheet, foil and industrial aluminium profiles accounts for more than 60% , and the main business income of aluminium industry reaches about 350 billion RMB.