U.S. Import Tariff Further Information

- May 25, 2018-

1. Japan, Russia, and Turkey submitted a notification to the WTO concerning the list of compensation that the United States imposed on importing steel and aluminum materials. Russia proposed a total compensation list of 538 million U.S. dollars, and Japan and Turkey’s compensation list had a total value of 440 million U.S. dollars and 267 million U.S. dollars. The European Union, China and India submitted their compensation lists earlier, totaling 1.6 billion, 612 million and 165 million U.S. dollars respectively. The total amount of compensation list submitted by WTO members for the import of steel and aluminum tariffs by the United States has totaled over US$3.5 billion.


2. Novelis, the world's leading aluminum rolled product manufacturer and leader in aluminum recycling, announced today that it will invest US$180 million to double the company’s annual production of automotive body aluminum panels in Changzhou, China. The investment includes the construction of a continuous annealing heat treatment line (CASH) with annual output of 100,000 tons, a high-speed slitting machine, and a fully-automatic packaging line. Novelis is expected to start expanding the scale of its existing facilities in 2018 and achieve full operation by 2020.